Promos of the month

Here is another serving of recent music video goodness for your enjoyment, kicking off with Timothy Saccenti’s promo for Peacebone by Animal Collective.

Here is another serving of recent music video goodness for your enjoyment, kicking off with Timothy Saccenti‘s promo for Peacebone by Animal Collective.

Followed by the Kaiser Chiefs‘ latest, The Angry Mob, helmed by W.I.Z, which suggests that the class war is still alive and well in the UK.

Next up is the promo for ZZT‘s Lower State of Consciousness, not for the ant-phobic. Directed by Thomas von Party

Justin Kerrigan, of Human Traffic fame, has directed this narrative-driven promo for The Twang‘s Two Lovers. Danny Dyer stars, reiterating his bad boy/geezer image once again.

Slo-mo food fights may be nothing new, but new directors War & Julius do a fine job of it in this video for Menomena‘s Rotten Hell.

Finally, this month’s round-up ends on a very sad note, with a tribute to renowned and much-loved director Tim Royes, who died in an accident in New York on August 13. Here is his recent vid for Stay The Night by Ghosts. An online book of rememberance can be signed at

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