Why we should all be promoting creative brilliance

When Ben Kay discovered that Fernando Machado, CMO of Burger King, was tweeting about copywriting, he was impressed, and wondered why creatives aren’t doing the same

When I write this column I tend to look at a trend or recent issue in advertising, then I almost always end up explaining why it might be problematic, but finish by steering things in the direction of a possible improvement or two. Yes, ads are worse than they used to be, and the business isn’t as fun or as well-paid as it was, but we’re in it now, so let’s be part of the solution.

And if we want to find a solution that works we need real examples that can inspire us. But they don’t all have to come from the creative department. Which is why I want to talk about a client.

Fernando Machado has been sneaking into my peripheral vision for a few years, but now he’s right up in my face with his beautiful Burger King rebrand, and globally-awarded and effective advertising campaigns, such as Dove’s Beauty Sketches, and Burger King’s Burning Stores and Moldy Whopper.

Those campaigns have amassed a great deal of fame and a great many awards, but they’re not why I want to mention the person who commissioned them. That tipping point finally happened earlier this year, when he used Twitter and LinkedIn to post an image of D&AD’s The Copy Book.