PS3 Goes Pop

This glitzy new campaign for Sony PlayStation 3, from TBWALondon, sees the introduction of a more theatrical feel to the brand’s advertising


“PlayStation briefs have traditionally been about embracing mood and attitude,” explains Al Young, creative director at the agency. “This brief is about doing that stuff, but celebrating the functionality of the new black box. It’s about selling the product features, which is a bit of a first and quite an intimidating thing to do in some ways, because that’s what traditional advertising does.”

The spot introduces a team of typically eccentric new characters, The Entertainers, each of whom represent specific features of the PlayStation 3, including its high-definition and Blu-ray disc capabilities and its constantly updated technology. Another shows off its impressive processing power in an intense performance of dodged bullets. These qualities, which could have introduced an element of tedium into PlayStation’s advertising, are brought to life with flamboyant style under Noam Murro’s direction. Inspired by both PlayMobil figures and German theatre from the 1920s, and dressed in latex, silk and other shiny materials, the characters are shot against a pitch-black background. “We wanted to move away from the dark and moody look of the PlayStation of yesteryear,” says creative Julia Taylor. “We agreed with Noam that this was about creating a new vibrancy; a visual style that was more in tune with the synthetic, Pop Art world of Jeff Koons.”


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