Q&A: Jeffrey Henson Scales, New York Times

PhotoLondon takes place this week, so to celebrate, over the coming five days we are looking at all things photographic at CR. Here we talk to New York Times Picture Editor Jeffrey Henson Scales about his work, and what advice he’d give to photographers today.

Jeffrey Henson Scales has been a photography editor at the New York Times since 1998 and is currently an ‘op-ed’ photo editor. He also curates the Sunday Review photography column, Exposures.

Prior to photo editing, Scales was a freelance photographer. His first published work was in the Black Panther Newspaper in 1968 when he was just a teenager, and he went on have a long career in the music industry, photographing album covers for bands as varied as The Jacksons, Arrested Development and TLC. Scales also teaches photography at NYU.

Below we talk to him about his work at the New York Times, what changes and trends he is seeing in photography today, and what advice he would give to photographers who are just starting out.