Qiddiya: Play Life commercial

Entrant: Droga5 London; Category: Production Design

Qiddiya Play Life

Qiddiya is one of the most significant recreation and tourism developments in the world. Part of the Saudi Vision 2030 project, the megasite, 40km from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, will encapsulate football stadiums, golf courses, music venues, gaming centres, theme parks, and a host of entertainment and residential facilities.

The communication brief to promote Qiddiya was to drive interest and talkability ahead of a planned opening in late 2024. But much of Qiddiya was still under construction at the time, posing the problem of creating interest in something that existed more in architectural renderings than in real life.

Qiddiya aims to be the world’s first city dedicated to play. But why does the world need such a city? It was in answer to this question that the creative idea was born. “We live in a time where play is relegated – it’s what we do in the evenings or at weekends,” says Droga5. “Culture doesn’t take play seriously; it’s compartmentalised, called ‘recreation’, or treated as frivolous or childish. But research shows that play brings out the best in humans. We’re more sociable, creative and fulfilled when we play – and these are all things the world needs more of right now.”

To illustrate this concept, Droga5’s dynamic ad, directed by Ian Pons Jewell and Nick Roney, shows players leaving the drab, everyday world of our current cities behind as they are drawn to the magnetic allure of Qiddiya City.

Agency: Droga5 London
CCO: Shelley Smoler
Creative Director: David Dearlove
Writer: Andy Lockley
Head of Production: Peter Montgomery
Senior Producer: Charlie Orr
Jnr Producer: Olly West
Account Management: Sharif El Rabiey, Tom Elias
Strategy: Damiae Le Castrec
Directors: Ian Pons Jewell, Nick Roney
DOP: Erik Messerschmidt
Producer: James Waters
Editor: Sam Bould
Production Company: ProdCo
VFX: Black Kite
Sound: String & Tins
Post-Production: Wellcom/Dippin’ Sauce London