The big questions for advertising and creativity during and after coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic is throwing up an awful lot of questions for creatives. It may seem difficult to find the answers, but as Ben Kay points out in this column, maybe acknowledging all the questions is a good start in these difficult times

2020, eh? Someone said it’s as if the news is coming at us through a fireman’s hose. I can barely remember what happened two weeks ago, let alone in January.

But here we are, in the foothills of a global pandemic (by the time you read this we might have moved up to ascending its North Face, but let’s take a breath while we still can). Despite the fact that, just three months ago, I predicted an entire decade’s worth of advertising happenings in this very publication, I feel it would be pointless and insensitive to give you my take on what a post-corona world might look like.

Instead, I’m going to ask thirty-five questions about what the new c-word might mean for advertising, creativity, and the way we work:


Milton Keynes