How Quinn is changing the porn experience

Audio platform Quinn has grabbed headlines for flipping the idea of porn on its head. We speak to founder Caroline Spiegel about why she created Quinn and what it means for the porn landscape

The porn industry has long been tied to perpetuating certain unhealthy ideals, but with taboos being broken down and wider audiences being recognised, it’s no surprise that a breadth of new platforms and producers are emerging. Many of them are subverting what’s typically expected on screen – and some, like Quinn, are taking that concept and running with it.

When Quinn emerged last year, it stole column inches in newspapers, magazines and websites for its unusual proposition: getting your porn fix by listening to it, rather than looking at it. Launched by Caroline Spiegel and co-founder and COO Jackie Hanley, the audio porn platform offers a range of adult content that people can listen to – including the sounds of people having sex, guided masturbation or more story-focused uploads – and there’s a selection of written content too.

Most of the uploads have more ambiguous descriptions than you’d find on most porn sites like Pornhub, and of course, without the explicit imagery. (Spiegel has previously spoken about the overstimulating nature of sites like Pornhub: “There’s almost no part of the screen that isn’t filled with content,” she said.) Crucially, all of the content is user-generated, as opposed to other audio platforms such as Dipsea, which involves a content creation studio for its erotic stories.