Homa’s rebrand envisions the future of mobile game development

The gaming technology lab is hoping to build its reputation with indie developers with new branding created by Ragged Edge and set in a “data-fuelled wonderland”

Ragged Edge, the agency behind some of the more exciting rebrands of recent years — including Papier and Monzo — has finally branched into the creatively fertile world of gaming.

Working with Homa, a Paris-based gaming technology lab, the agency has built an identity that hopes to make its client the go-to for any aspiring game creators looking to take their ideas to the next level.

“To unlock the next phase of their journey, Homa needed to position themselves as an ally for independent game developers,” says Ragged Edge co-founder Max Ottignon. “To build a talent brand that would attract the world’s best engineers. And to transform millions of gamers from fans of Homa’s games, to fans of Homa itself.”

To do this, Ragged Edge set about creating a “data-fuelled wonderland” in which the Homa characters can live, foregrounding them against a bold colour palette and some very surreal landscapes. As you navigate the website, these characters come to life, reminding users of the many high-profile games under Homa’s belt.

All of these elements are cleverly framed by a minimal yet precise graphic system that speaks to Homa’s efficiency as a game developer. This is accompanied by a tone of voice that is equally as assuring, suggesting that Homa’s way of doing things is so straightforward and successful that it feels almost like “gaming the system”.

This notion is furthered by imagery that depicts the Homa team as creative technicians with laser-focus. Following a similar colour palette to the design of the website, these shots also lean heavily into the science aesthetic, showing Homa as a “precision-tooled gaming lab”.

Commenting on Homa’s collaboration with Ragged Edge, founder and CEO Daniel Nathan says, “This rebrand was crucial for the next phase of our mission, as we look to democratise the industry.”