Raine Allen-Miller’s new film hits the spot for Masturbation Day

May 28, in case you didn’t know, is International Masturbation Day, and director Raine Allen-Miller is marking the occasion with a quarantine film celebrating self-pleasure

Entitled Wank Wiggle, the video brings together women from around the world to pay tribute to the joys of the female climax – particularly its use to assuage the unending boredom of lockdown. Consider it a rallying cry for anyone who’s sick of sourdough and quarantine craft projects.

The film features a tongue-in-cheek song written by Allen-Miller, which encourages women to embrace the possibilities of self-pleasure – whether that’s via a dildo, vibrator, washing machine or, really, anything you’ve got to hand.

The director herself appears in the video, making good use of a mouse scroll wheel ( a handy visual metaphor).

Despite being filmed remotely, via Zoom, Wank Wiggle still manages to look relatively polished – which is a testament to Allen-Miller’s directing skills. It might be silly, but it’s a welcome distraction at the moment.

Director: Raine Allen-Miller
Production company: Somesuch