Rapha Manuals by Rapha Racing

This project has been selected in the Motion Graphics / Moving Image category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

Rapha is one of the most recognisable cycling brands, with an established reputation for making some of the finest kit on the market. One of the brand’s missions is to play an active role in encouraging people to take up cycling. Its Getting Started in Road Cycling initiative is aimed at educating new cyclists about how to engage in the sport safely without being patronising.

The solution Rapha came up with is a series of 12 animated videos created by Illustrator Laura Quick. Herself a novice cyclist, Rapha sent Quick a kit to start her own cycling journey, and it’s this first-hand experience that informed the stop-motion animations she made, which comprise more than 1,600 hand-drawn images. The Getting Started in Road Cycling series has had over 70,000 views since it went live, and the book has sold nearly 1,000 copies.

Agency: Rapha Racing Limited. Head of Content: Oliver Duggan. Illustrator: Laura Quick. Copywriters: Ed Pollicott, Anna McLeod.