Rapha Pro Team Shadow by Michael Bodiam


The Rapha Pro Team Shadow kit was developed with Team Sky for use during cycling races in changeable conditions. “In my preliminary discussions with the Art Director I was made aware that the garments were made up of a material that did amazing things when it comes into contact with water,” Bodiam says. “We discussed the merits of shooting the garments on a model versus a more contrived ‘still-life’ approach and it was decided that including both options would offer something to the series that selecting one route would not. The moving image piece was specifically developed to sit alongside a series of still images that I photographed for Rapha’s Mondial magazine. The stills showed the garments in a varied combination of situations. These then acted as a storyboard for the film.” Still from the film shown.

Graphic Designer

Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency