Apple France

Réalisé avec l’iPhone

A new set of films from Apple gives the Shot on iPhone ad campaign a French twist.

Shot by Parisian director Axel Morin, the films aim to celebrate contemporary France by focusing on three of the country’s major cities: Marseilles, Lyon, and, of course, Paris.

Gone are the clichéd romantic visions we tend to have of these French metropolises though – instead the films focus on the urban reality of today, and are set to the music of three up-and-coming French hip-hop artists: Lomepal (Paris), Reef (Marseille) and Chilla (Lyon).

The use of black-and-white film throughout sets the films apart from previous iterations of the Shot on iPhone series, plus perhaps also makes a nod to France’s rich photographic history.

Photos from the campaign will be shown throughout Apple stores in France. And, in keeping with other recent Apple campaigns, accompanying the release of the films are several tutorials that encourage users to capture their city using their own iPhones.