Rebrand of Australian National Maritime Museum By Frost*collective

This project has been selected in the Design – Brand Identity category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

The Australian National Maritime Museum is a government-run, public institution located on Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Late last year the museum revealed a fresh look, with a new visual identity designed by Frost*collective.

The identity is designed to articulate associations with the sea and the museum. To do this, all the museum’s consumer-facing communication, signage, advertising and wayfinding refer to it as ‘muSEAum’.

The logo is a simple wordmark paired with vibrant colours and cheerful visuals. The identity is also brought to life in animations that mimic the movement of water, adding dynamism to the logo and repositioning the institution as something alive and immersive. The simplicity of the logo means it pairs well with photography to create evocative montages – children on holiday, or adventurers in boats.

Frost*collective’s design choices were informed by research that revealed visitors are more interested in immersive experiences than passive history lessons. The identity reinforces the idea that the museum offers visitors a dynamic way of interacting with and understanding the sea.

Design Studio: Frost*collective. CEO / Executive Creative Director: Vince Frost. Group Creative Director: Ant Donovan. Strategy Director: Cat Burgess. ANMM Marketing Director: Emily Hill. ANMM Brand & Marketing Manager: Jackson Pellow.