Rebranding BT as more than just a telecoms company

We take a deep dive into the brand’s new, simplified visual identity and speak to the design studio behind it, Red&White, about the challenges that come with future-proofing such a wide-ranging technology business

Founded as the Electric Telegraph Company in 1846, BT has a pretty colourful history. The company went through various iterations after it was brought under the General Post Office government department in 1912 and was finally privatised in 1984, officially becoming British Telecommunications.

Today, BT is still best known for its telecoms business but it has built up a sprawling empire over the years, encompassing mobile, cyber security, healthcare and sports broadcasting, among other things. The company’s array of sub-brands had become equally sprawling as a result, including hundreds of different logo artworks, roughly 15 brand colours and many different sets of design guidelines.

BT’s new circular logo