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Here are a few music releases that have caught our eye so far this year. First up is this 12″ vinyl record that looks for all the world like an enormous CD…

Here are a few music releases that have caught our eye so far this year. First up is this 12″ vinyl record that looks for all the world like an enormous CD…

OK so this release isn’t here because it exhibits particularly beautiful graphic design. Rather it’s here is because as the manifestation of an art concept – to create a 12″ vinyl record that looks just like a CDR – it’s beautifully realised. In fact, without showing the image at the top of this post of the disc on a record deck, you might not even realise it’s a vinyl record rather than a compact disc.

Designed by David Rudnick as a kind of two fingers to the CDR, it was produced by Filipe Goncalves at Because Music who visited two factories, produced three re-pressings and took five months to ultimately come up with a vinyl disc pressing process that has never been used before, in order to replicate the shimmering surface of a compact disc. The release, limited to just 1000 pressings, is called Lemonade and it’s by Erol Alkan and Alex Ridha of Boys Noize. Label: Phantasy.

Flowers is the theme for Mark Lanegan Band‘s Blues Funeral album artwork, designed by Alison Fielding. The front cover image was sourced from The Design Library‘s extensive archive of antique, vintage and modern textile designs, and black-on-black flower pattern appears throughout the enclosed lyric booklet and on the CD itself too. Label: 4AD.

Lambchop‘s latest album, Mr. M, is out next month on City Slang. The cover features the above painting by Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, and the Super Deluxe Box Set (available here) contains eleven 30 x 30 cm art prints of similar Wagner paintings, the Mr. M album on double LP, on CD plus a special download card to get hold of a further five remixes. All this (and more) is housed in a hand numbered (edition of 200) foil stamped linen box:





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