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We’ve just clapped eyes on some rather nice music packaging projects so thought we’d share them straight away. First up is a festival of transparency in the form of a 7″ single release plus a 12″ LP from London band Good Cop*…

We’ve just clapped eyes on some rather nice music packaging projects so thought we’d share them straight away. First up is a festival of transparency in the form of a 7″ single release plus a 12″ LP from London band Good Cop*…

Released exclusively through Rough Trade Shops  a couple of weeks ago, Summer Fiction / Our Fighting Weight is the debut release from Good Cop*. Limited to just 100 pressings on transparent vinyl, the record is housed in a high frequency welded clear flexible PVC sleeve with the Good Cop* logo debossed on the front and the track listing debossed on the back but so they read from the front (see above shot).

Design: Konstantinos Gargaletsos. Packaging: Daniel Mason, Something Else. Label: Fifth.

The Good Cop LP (limited to 500 pressings) is also on transparent vinyl and comes packaged with a partially transparent CD housed in the middle of the front cover in, yes you’ve guessed it, a transparent pouch:

The PVC sleeve is designed similarly to the 7″ release but there is also a rigid PVC lyric sheet, screen-printed in reverse so it reads from the opposite side to the print:

The LP is released via Rough Trade next Monday (February 27). Design, packaging and label credits are the same as the 7″.

The late Tony Wilson of Factory Records fame was one of the founding trustees of CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) a charity that looks to reduce suicide among young men. Now the charity, in collusion with The Factory Foundation have put together this compilation of 31 Manchester-made tracks by the likes of Barry Adamson, Mr Scruff, Jim Noir, Durutti Column and I Am Kloot, to raise money for its cause. The double CD compilation is housed in an elegantly designed digipak designed by Love and art directed by Peter Saville with photography by Thomas Cockram.

More info about the project at

The 10″ gatefold sleeve of Gonjasufi‘s album Nuzzle has a pull out art print. All artwork and layout is by Mr.IMD. Label: Warp.

Clock Opera‘s forthcoming album Ways To Forget features what at first appears to be a painting. However, closer inspection reveals the images are photography based. The sleeve’s art director, Richard Robinson explains:

“Myself and photographer Mads Perch had an extensive meeting with the band, discussing directions for the campaign, and they had a clear idea of how they wanted the record to feel – not so much of a finished visual, more the message they wanted to convey. They had references of Picaso paintings, distorted screens, vibrant colours and movement.

“We took this on board and were really interested in the movement aspect, and particularly the work of Gjon Mili. Having experimented with multiple exposure techniques before it was a great opportunity to push it further. The band are friends with a group of dancers called The New Movement Collective and they were happy to come along and let us shoot them for the project. We had four dancers in total and over a day long shoot had them perform routines, capturing it as we went.

“Once we’d done the shoot the band felt that it needed more emotion and colour so I worked extensively processing the images to create a more layered, textured piece that had more of a painted quality which ultimately reflected the music more accurately”

Art direction and design: Richard Robinson. Photography: Mads Perch. Label: Moshi Moshi.



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