Record sleeves of the month

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted up some record sleeves / CD packages so here’s a few that have caught our eye so far this year…

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted up some record sleeves / CD packages so here’s a few that have caught our eye so far this year…

First up is MVSICA – a limited edition CD compilation of down tempo music by various techno producers. Limited to just 200 copies, the package, designed by Sawdust and printed by Generation Press – comes with a plastic tiddlywink so you can (if you wish) scratch off the gold latex panels that cover all text on the CD pack…

“Because it’s a down tempo compilation by purists within the techno genre, the packaging was designed to reflect that,” explains designer Rob Gonzales. “It’s aesthetically minimal throughout from cover to CD. There isn’t even a disc tray within, only a button to keep the CD in place.” Label: Fine Art Recordings


This is the sleeve for Efterklang‘s forthcoming album, Magic Chairs, released later this month on 4AD. Regular readers may recall we posted up the sleeve of the band’s 2007 album, Under Giant Trees – which we liked so much that we followed it with a One To Watch profile on its designers, Hvass&Hannibal in our May 2007 issue. Well, this sleeve is also art directed by the same Copenhagen-based duo – who art directed the shoot with photographer Brian Buchard. To find out more about the shoot which involved much swirling of specially made ribbons (some on-the-set shots below) visit Hvass&Hannibal’s blog.

Inside the CD pack is a fold out poster (shown above) of the cover artwork with sleevenotes on the reverse 

Also fresh from Hvass&Hannibal’s studio is the wonderful artwork for muiscal combo Clogs‘ fifth album, entitled The Creatures In The Garden Of Lady Walton which features more ribbon – although here the ribbon is illustrated and runs across a triptych of illustrated panels on a CD digipak, spelling out the name Clogs on the front cover:

here’s a closer look at the illustration:


OK, next up is Black Noise – the new concept album (it actually is all about black noise) from minimal techno producer Pantha du Prince, out this week on Rough Trade. I really like the album artwork which features a lake scene painting (shown above) and several photographs in the enclosed concertina booklet by Hendrik Weber and graphics by ITF Grafik Design

I also liked the kaleidoscopic album “trailer” that I spotted on YouTube last week, created by Ashley Dean of Broken Pixel:


This is the album artwork for The Monroe Transfer ‘s latest album, Trials whose main protagonist, Nick Gill played a crucial part in the hands-on design and manufacture of the package: “All the packaging is a combination of screenprinting and letterpress, and was designed by myself and Daley Walton,” Gill tells us. “The wood & metal type was set by hand with the square inlay set in Plantin for the track listing and various sizes of Times were used for the two-colour criss-cross side. The panoramic card is set in Joanna small caps & lowercase, and ten line Gill Condensed caps wood type). The type on the panoramic inlay was printed in one working on a FAG proofing press at my place of work, Hand & Eye Letterpress, and the square inlay card was done in four workings on my Adana Eight-Five tabletop press in our studio.”

The panoramic artwork is by Daley Walton, and was screenprinted by hand in two workings at Gill’s studio, where the fabric cases were also cut, sewn and screened.  700 copies of the album were made. The duo plan to take on future packaging and commission print work under the moniker Milkhorse Press.

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