Record Sleeves of the Week

There suddenly seems to be loads of eye-catching record sleeves and CD packages pouring into Creative Review’s office. And hooray for that! THANK YOU to all those that send us stuff to look at (and listen to). Actually, there’s too many great sleeves to put in one post – SO have a look at these sleeves now, and we’ll post some more up next week. Favourites at the moment include the limited edition box that houses Fred Deakin’s triple CD, four hour mix extravaganza: The Triptych…

Fred Deakin The Triptych packaging

Our favourite record sleeves at the moment include the limited edition box that houses Fred Deakin’s triple CD, four hour mix extravaganza: The Triptych (box with bellyband shown above, contents shown below).

Fred Deakin The Triptych box contents
Open the clam card box to find the three CDs, each housed in a card sleeve, and also the booklet in which Fred reveals his thoughts about every single one of the 90 tracks included in the mix. Nice. Very nice!

Nicky Blackmarket CD packaging by Intercity
Nicky Blackmarket CD packaging (open) by Intercity
Ah, the biro-drawing… Design trio Intercity produced the blue-on-white artwork for From The Vaults Vol.1 – a selection of UK breakbeat hardcore music from 1991-1993, mixed by Nicky Blackmarket.
Label: Sublogic Recordings

Busdriver Road Kill Overcoat album
Road Kill Overcoat is the title of Busdriver‘s new album. The artwork by is by Montréal-baseed, Séripop and incorporates silver ink. Label: Epitaph

Panda Bear Person Pitch album
Come on in, the water’s fine! Perhaps the weirdest sleeve we’ve seen this year, this is the album cover for Panda Bear‘s forthcoming album, Person Pitch by collage specialist Agnes Montgomery. Label: Paw Tracks

Body Language Vol. 4 sleeve with painting by Christian Thoelke
You know those old portraits in stately homes where the subject’s eyes stare at you no matter where you stand? Well, the sitter in Christian Thoelke’s painting (that appears on the latest volume of label Get Physical‘s regular mix CD, mixed by DJ Dixon), stares constantly over your right shoulder.
No matter where you stand. Spooky

Chk Chk Chk's Myth Takes album sleeve
Artwork for Chk Chk Chk’s forthcoming album, Myth Takes, is by Kevin Hooyman and it’s the stuff of dreams. Crazy time-to-get-professional-help dreams. Label: Warp

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Record Sleeves of the Week

Illustrated CD pack for Efterklang’s Under Giant Trees album by Nan Na Hvass
As mentioned last week, we’ve been sent a raft of stunning record sleeves and CD packs so far this year. Here is this week’s selection…

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