Record Sleeves of the Week

Illustrated CD pack for Efterklang’s Under Giant Trees album by Nan Na Hvass
As mentioned last week, we’ve been sent a raft of stunning record sleeves and CD packs so far this year. Here is this week’s selection…

Efterklang Under Giant Trees album cover
Efterklang Under Giant Trees sleeve (open, back)

Efterklang Under Giant Trees sleeve (open)
We love the fold out CD pack for Copenhagen-based musical combo Efterklang‘s Under Giant Trees album, which comes out on April 2nd on The Leaf Label. All the text on the sleeve is handwritten too, lending it a thoroughly non-commercial feel. Lovely stuff. Artwork and design by Nan Na Hvass.

Blonde Redhead album 23 promo CD
Anyone for tennis? This freaky looking promo CD sleeve arrived from 4AD last week. It’s for Blonde Redhead’s forthcoming album entitled 23 and the image on the sleeve was created by Los Angeles-based artist Alex Gross. Creative direction by Alexander Gelman. Art direction by David Heasty.

Busy P Rainbow Man promo CD
Introducing the amazing Rainbow Man. He’s a bit like spiderman, although he shoots rainbows (obviously) from his hands, not webs. Oh, and he’s got eight limbs (like a spider / not like spiderman) and he hasn’t got a costume – he’s er, naked. And he says things like “Not for sale – promo only.” I know, it’s hard to believe someone hadn’t already conceived this genius superhero already… But here he is, making up for lost time by shooting refracting rainbows all over the sleeve of Busy P‘s single Rainbow Man (on the final artwork there’s no speech bubble) coming out 16 April on Ed Banger Records.

Gui Boratto Chromophbia CD sleeve

Brazillian beat-meister Gui Boratto was recently described as a sonic architect by Stylus Magazine and this album, Chromophobia, is getting rave reviews at the moment. We’re about to dip into the music here at CR – we hope it’s as delightful as the sleeve by Felipe Caetano. Chromophobia is out now on Kompakt.

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