HERO Reese's

Reese’s likes putting peanut butter in stuff

The US chocolate brand gets to the heart of its offering in this new campaign from Mother London

While those familiar with Reese’s will know that it’s all about combining peanut butter with chocolate, the brand is keen to reiterate this point with its new ad campaign, which features a series of content built around literally putting peanut butter in things.

The first ad kicks the idea off in half silly, half sexy fashion, with the somewhat anachronistic use of a chocolate high-heeled shoe (what is this, the 1980s?) that quickly gets filled with runny peanut butter.

It’s all pretty daft but ties in well with the brand’s tagline, Anything But Ordinary, shown at the end of the spot. Plus it’s easy to see how putting peanut butter in things could become an idea that will run and run.

Creative Agency: Mother
Production Company: ManvsMachine
Director: ManvsMachine