Reiki Zhang on dreaming in pixels

Reiki Zhang reflects on our physical and virtual reality through the lens of digital fashion and 3D art. She speaks to us about how she uses emerging technologies to consider the human condition

Can your virtual self experience death? If it can, have you ever thought about what happens to it in the afterlife? For that matter, what do birth, love, or nature look like in our burgeoning digital reality?

Digital artist Reiki Zhang examines how identity and behaviours are expressed as our lives increasingly play out in pixels. Transhumanism and machine sentience are still considered faraway concepts, and the metaverse might not be at the forefront of conversation compared to a few years ago, but the fact remains that each one of us is leaving behind a digital trace every day.

Whether we like it or not, we exist somehow in the digital ether, and as the future of that space unfolds, artists like Zhang are considering which parts of our physical reality we want to take with us.

Top: Still from The Digital Rituals; Above: Knotting; All images courtesy Reiki Zhang