Remix a Gordon Brown speech

“I want to be wasted this weekend,” says Gordon Brown to rapturous applause in a film created using Speechbreaker – a new online toy…


“I want to be wasted this weekend,” says Gordon Brown to rapturous applause in a short film created using Speechbreaker – a new online toy created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine in which you can piece together various words uttered by the three main UK political party leaders at their recent party conferences.

Here’s how Speechbreaker looks onscreen:

When you’ve constructed your “speech” from the available words, you can preview how it will sound and look before either sending the film to a friend by email or uploading it to the Speechbreaker YouTube channel.

Of course, writing speeches for leading political figures is not, we’d imagine, the most fun job in the world – which is probably why re-arranging the words of these pompous wind-bags to make them say ridiculous things is such enormously good fun.

Making David Cameron say that he loves “nurses and cheerful druggies because they all love a crazy party and nothing else matters” and then adding an applause is almost as entertaining as getting Gordon Brown to say “At our overnight party President Obama will teach me good hard explicit punishments – all for money.” (applause)

However, turning our attentions to Nick Clegg, the only words available to play with are “choose”, “the”, “liberal” and “democrats”, making it more than likely that this little online toy, created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine was funded by Clegg’s party, the Lib Dems. As negative campaigning goes, it’s brilliant because the Lib Dems don’t actually say anything bad about their two rival parties – they let you do it instead. This probably shouldn’t be as much fun as it is…

Here’s another one that tickled us:

Make your own version at

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