‘Art Exhibitions or YouTube cats?’: Branding for Riga’s new Biennial

Wiedemann Lampe has designed the identity for Riga’s inaugural Biennial of Contemporary Art. The consultancy also teamed up with Erik Kessels to create a playful typographic campaign promoting the event

The Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art was founded to help position the city as a leading art destination. London branding consultancy Wiedemann Lampe started working with Director Agniya Mirgorodskaya in 2016 and has designed a visual identity and wayfinding system for the inaugural event, RIBOCA 1. The consultancy also collaborated with Erik Kessels to create a marketing campaign with graffiti-style lettering.

Wiedemann Lampe says the branding aims to position the Biennial as an experience that “surprises, challenges [and] provokes your thoughts”.


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