Image shows NAW's new logo by Robot Food, written in black painted capital letters with the slogan 'no animal wasted' used as the main line of an exclamation mark

A nose-to-tail identity for dog treat brand NAW

Robot Food created the branding for NAW, which breaks away from the crowd with dog treats that are unashamedly “gross”

Leeds-based agency Robot Food has created a new look for dog treat brand NAW that emphasises its nutritional and anti-waste credentials.

The brand, whose name stands for ‘No Animal Wasted’, prides itself on using ‘animal offcuts’ as the basis for its range of dog treats, helping to cut down on the extensive waste created by animal agriculture.

Rather than obscuring the source of the food by grinding it down and turning it into a different shape, or by hiding it behind ‘pretty’ packaging, NAW opts for transparency, offering products such as “buffalo tracheas, pigs’ ears, lamb tails and chicken feet” in their original forms.

It’s one of the only brands in the market to adopt this approach, and has made “leaning into the gross” its unique selling point by attempting to turn negatives around the products’ appearance and smell into potential positives.

This is reflected in a number of taglines, such as ‘One animal’s trachea is another one’s treasure’; ‘Chews they’d choose’ and ‘Waste not, want NAW’.

Image shows a packaging box featuring NAW's branding by Robot Food, with a dog inspecting the products inside

Visually, the new identity reinforces NAW’s ethos through loud and proud branding that draws inspiration from progressive human food brands, many of which, ironically, are within the plant-based market.

In terms of the packaging, Robot Food opted for a minimal approach, using a textured, handmade-style typeface called Ruff Cuts for the logotype and brand copy.

This bold lettering “takes cues from traditional letterpress and hand-painted type”, according to the agency, and helps to frame the transparent window on the packaging that serves to showcase the product.

Image shows black block capital letters that read 'They love hair in their food' against a green background, featuring NAW's branding by Robot Food

For the colour palette, the design team went with a pared-back look characterised by monochromatic imagery that juxtaposes with occasional splashes of colour, helping to draw attention to NAW’s messaging.

Reflecting on the project, Robot Food founder Simon Forster says: “The client was totally on board with our thinking on the strategy and really embraced that tone of voice: it’s ballsy, because it’s zigging while everyone else zags,” says Forster. “It’s complete disruption, which felt so obvious to us.”