Róisín Murphy’s new video is a beautifully choreographed ode to rave culture

The self-directed music video for Murphy’s latest single, Jacuzzi Rollercoaster, sees multiple versions of the singer alongside a sea of contorting, sweaty ravers

With a music career spanning two decades, Róisín Murphy has never been short of visual surprises. The Irish singer, who first became known as one half of trip-hop duo Moloko in the 90s, has created many different versions of herself during her subsequent solo career.

These identities have ranged from the Scott King-art directed imagery for Murphy’s second album Overpowered, which sees her dressed in bizarre high fashion outfits while placed in otherwise ordinary settings, to her stage show for Hairless Toys in 2015, when her frequent costume changes included a disco-inspired yeti suit and a three-headed mask – to name just a couple.

Murphy has also been directing her own music videos since Hairless Toys’ release, filling them with the weird and wonderful imagery that she has become so associated with over the years.

Continuing with this tradition, the video for her latest single – the unusually named Jacuzzi Rollercoaster – is a sweaty, body-filled tribute to the art of raving.

Shot against against a green screen, the trippy video puts Murphy in the midst an army of ravers, before reaching a crescendo of rotating heads and multiplying bodies.

Read our interview with Murphy about her work here.

Director: Róisín Murphy
Record Label: The Vinyl Factory