Norwegian bakery Rolfsen launches with a crisp look

The family-owned startup enlisted branding design studio A Line to create an identity that gives the bakery’s Norwegian roots a contemporary feel

The story goes that there’s only one written copy of Rolfsen’s recipe for kringla, a type of Norwegian pastry that dates back to the 1800s.

While the recipe in its material form might be a precious rarity, the new Norwegian bakery (or bakerï) has immortalised the pastry in its logo, which sits at the heart of its new identity created by international design studio A Line.

The logo is modelled on the figure of eight shape of kringla, which forms the outline of a rhythmic type-based animation designed to evoke the process of kneading, and the shape of bite marks. The circular shapes even crop up in the Rolfsen wordmark itself, subtly buried in the curvature of the ‘f’.

The refined aesthetic sets out to illustrate how a few simple ingredients – which are listed as part of the logo – can be transformed by centuries of baking heritage. Other aspects of the branding also feature images of baking though steer clear of the polished shots of finished products that we typical see in ‘food porn’ shoots.

There’s a playfulness to these elements that balance with the otherwise slick visual language and tastefully minimal packaging created by A Line, which is in keeping with the clean design currently favoured by hip cafés and coffee brands.