Insurance brand Rollin’ releases illustrated cost of living crisis coupons

From cereal to burgers, sneakers to streaming services, the coupons offer young Australians the chance to win a range of free prizes

Sydney-based car insurance company Rollin’ has once again joined forces with local creative studio Bear Meets Eagle On Fire (BMEOF) for a new campaign. Following their previous collaboration, which resulted in an advert revolving around a giant rolling and rapping ball of fluff called Larry, Rollin’ was again keen to maintain its whimsical spirit.

As an insurance company aimed at younger drivers looking for a “more flexible alternative” to traditional insurance, Rollin’ prides itself on its unconventional and youth-centred approach. As such, the brand wanted a campaign that spoke to its target demographic, and this time chose to hone in on the cost of living crisis that is affecting so many of its customers and forcing them to sacrifice the more playful parts of their lives.

To help combat this, Rollin’ launched Times is Tough – a weekly coupon book running across Facebook and Instagram that gives its customers and followers a chance to win prizes such as a free crate full of classic hip-hop vinyl records, free cheeseburgers for an entire year, free entry to several music festivals, and many more.

BMEOF commissioned a series of bold illustrations to help bring the prizes to life. These eye-catching artworks, which feature fun, anthropomorphic characters, were created in collaboration with illustrators Yeye Weller, Vanessa Lim, and Steve Gavan, as well as animator Josh Trotter.