Rolling Stone: Rockin’ Mamas campaign

Category: Integrated Campaigns; Entrant: VMLY&R

Rolling Stone magazine’s Rockin’ Mamas campaign was created initially for the Italian market in response to the impact of Covid-19 and its effect on mothers. According to research, Italian women carry out about 70% of the childcare and 56% of the housework. The pandemic has had severe consequences for women who have found themselves managing children’s care and distance learning, as well as remote working and home tasks.

Rolling Stone is an iconic music magazine, but it also focuses on cultural and political issues, standing against any discrimination and promoting inclusion and equity.

These two aspects of the magazine – the rock-lover and the socially involved – inspired this ironic yet thought-provoking observation: in the pandemic era, the ultimate tough, hardcore lifestyle doesn’t belong to rock bands anymore but ­instead to mothers, who are the ­greatest rock stars of all.

To show its support for women, the Rockin’ Mamas campaign drew a parallel between mothers’ everyday life and the life of a rock star – waking up fully dressed, having to get back on stage, performing all night long. All the women who starred in the campaign are mothers, including the voiceover artist, the British singer DeeLayDee.

The film drew great enthusiasm and support and was shared worldwide, reaching over a million people. In addition to the social-first campaign on Rolling Stone’s Instagram, ad agency VMLY&R developed a filter to celebrate mothers, and also led a successful influencer campaign, gifting exclusive T-shirts, inspired by rock group logos, that were shared on social.

Campaigns Agency: VMLY&R Italy
Chief Creative Officer: Francesco Poletti
Creative Directors: Nicoletta Zanterino, Cinzia Caccia~
Copywriters: Nicoletta Zanterino, Martin Peters Ginsberg, Ali Ali, Riccardo Baita
Art Directors: Cinzia Caccia, Lorenzo Croci
Business Development Director: Barbara Ruscio
Levi Company: Web Magazine Makers – Rolling Stone Is Licensed For Italy Exclusively To Web Magazine Makers Srl
Editor-In-Chief Rolling Stone Italia: Alessandro Giberti
Business Development Manager: Matteo Berciga
Marketing Manager: Veronica Dolce
Production Companies: Movie Magic International, Good People
Director: Ali Ali Partner
Movie Magic International/Executive Producer: Giorgio Borghi
Executive Producers: Anna Lisa De Maria, Sarah Touma
Producers: Alessandro Naboni, Veta Chatziioannou
Director of Photography: Pierre Mouarkesh
First Ad: Dzovig Torikian
Wardrobe: Anna Zotou, Evelina Darzenta
Art Department: Maria Kalahari
Makeup: Varvara Sevdali
Gaffer: Michalis Christoforatos
First ACS: Philippos Kokkalis, Vangelis Kolokithas
Editor: Neda Zag
Colourist: Karim Mira
Conform And Online: Hogarth Worldwide Italy
Music and Audio: Operà Music
Partner/Project Manager: Cristiano Joyeusaz
Partner/Mixing Engineer/Sound Designer: Marco Massimiliano Peretti
Music Coordinator/Project Manager: Francesco Menegat
Project Manager: Daniela Chiara
Composer/Music Producer: Alessandro Ciani
Voiceover Artist: Deelaydee Courtesy of I’m Not A Machine
Recording Engineer: Matt Cotterill
Contributors: Beth Wade, Theresa Notartomaso