Rosalía & Travis Scott: TKN music video

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Directed by Nicolás Méndez, co-founder of the production company Canada, the video for TKN pictures Rosalía as the mother of a huge family that has to find shelter, love and food. Along the way, they meet Travis Scott, who joins the herd. 

“It became about a family in the same sense of a gang,” says Méndez. “I wanted it to be very, very animalistic. That’s why the choreography is a bit like that. It’s very strong. Some of the scenes were even more animal-driven, but they thought it was too much.”

The video was shot in Pomona and north Hollywood in California in February 2020, and is a continuation of Canada’s collaborations with Rosalía, which also include the promos for Malamente and Pienso en tu mirá.

Artists: Rosalía, Travis Scott
Label: Columbia
Records, Sony
Production Company: Canada in collaboration with TDB
Director: Nicolás Méndez
MD/EP Canada: Oscar Romagosa
MD/EP TDB: Lisa Margulis
Producer: Laura Serra Estorch
Line Producer Los Angeles: Cristina Trenas
Head of Production Canada: Alba Barneda
Head of Production TDB: Elizabeth Minzes
DOP: Stuart Winecoff
Production Designer: Brielle Hubert
Production Supervisor: Stephen Predisik
1st AD: Ferran Rial
Stylists: Samantha Burkhart, Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo
Choreographer: Charm La’Donna
Makeup Artists: Ariel, Rasheeda Raines
Hair Artist: Jesus Guerrero
Casting: Sarah-May Levy
Editors: Nicolás Méndez, Carlos Font Clos
Post Production: Álvaro Posadas, Eighty4
Colour Grading: Michael Rossiter, The Mill
Post Production Producer: Marina Martínez Campomanes