Rough Trade Books delves into magic and folklore for its latest editions

The publishing company has partnered with Cornwall’s Museum of Witchcraft and Magic for a set of four pamphlets exploring the world of myth and folklore

Each title is linked to the museum’s archive and collection of magical history, which formed the starting point for the four writers involved. The editions cover a broad range of subjects within the supernatural realm, including goblins, the magical secrets of water, and the devil himself.

The writers have adopted a variety of approaches to the subject matter, with Jen Calleja penning an essay exploring her relationship with goblins via films, puppets and modern art, and David Bramwell documenting an occult journey up the river Don. There’s also a pair of short stories about Satan, by Wendy Erskine, and a magical encyclopaedia.

Rough Trade Books commissioned several artists and illustrators to design work for the pamphlets, including illustrator Sophy Hollington – who CR recently interviewed – Stephanie von Reiswitz, Pete Fowler and Rachel Louise Hodgson. A suitably occult looking serif typeface ties everything together.

The series joins Rough Trade Books’ ongoing collection of pamphlet editions, which bring creatives together with writers, artists and musicians to tell stories of counter-culture.

All four books are published by Rough Trade Books, priced £7.99;