Rover’s new ad asks: what if pets could sing?

A new animated ad for pet sitting service Rover features animals reassuring their “hoomans” about being away from home

If animals could sing, many of us would probably like to think they’d sound like the ones in the new ad from Rover – a service that matches pet owners with potential sitters in their area.

The ad starts with a dog trying to prevent its owner going on holiday, but ultimately it understands that “some times yor hooman go do hooman thing”. Certain scenes will feel very relatable for pet owners, for instance, feeling sad or guilty when they’re away from their beloved pets.

The ad was devised by Seattle-based agency Little Hands of Stone and brought to life with the help of creative studio Giant Ant. The wobbly simplicity of the line animation style is mirrored in the language and tone used for the lyrics, where words are misspelt or missing altogether.

Every aspect of the charming spot has been cleverly designed to evoke an emotional response. “Sometimes when you are a good boy a very speshil brief comes along,” says Giant Ant. “This is one of those.”;