Rugby’s big stars at Twickenham

Hat-Trick Design has created a series of portraits of Rugby greats for the hotel at Twickenham stadium

Hat-Trick Design has created a series of portraits of Rugby greats for the hotel at Twickenham stadium

The hotel backs on to the stadium itself. On the fourth floor, there is a large, and somewhat featureless, atrium which links the two, which the RFU asked Hat-Trick to do something with.

The studio decided to use the space to showcase the giants of international rugby. A public vote was held on the most popular players from each of the eight founding nations of rugby (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa).

Each chosen player’s image was then reproduced 11 metres high, printed onto shirt material as massive banners. The mages are made up of graphic rugby shirts in the appropriate colour for each player’s country.

Some of the hotel rooms themselves look out onto the banner display, providing a rather more interesting vista than the blank wall had that been all guests had to look out on previously.

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