Ryan Reynolds is bringing his tongue-in-cheek charm to Mint Mobile

Following his witty work for Aviation Gin, actor Ryan Reynolds is also showing ad agencies how to do it in a set of new spots for Mint Mobile, which he owns

Last year, Ryan Reynolds proved he had as much of a knack for advertising as acting when an ad for the brand Aviation Gin, which he owns, went viral. The spot was a deft mickey take of a recent, desperately cringey Peloton ad, and proved what we all know – that a bit of wit and irreverence can go a long way in advertising.

Reynolds is now bringing the same formula to Mint Mobile, which he bought last November. Last week he released a spot created by his ad agency Maximum Effort Productions, which does a great job of sending up Powerpoint presentations while also managing to give you all the boring information you need to know about the brand.

The joy of the spot is all in the detail – Reynolds’ subtle reference to the virus without actually mentioning it by name, his computer desktop (which is worth a freeze frame), and a guest showing by his mum.

Tammy Reynolds then shows up again in Mint Mobile’s spot for US Mother’s Day, released last Sunday, which has the appearance of being a slightly more schmaltzy affair before the pay off at the end.

It can sometimes feel like we’re in rather hand-wringing times in advertising, with much discussion and analysis of how to reach audiences and break through in our complex media landscape. Yet here comes Ryan Reynolds making it all look pretty easy – take note, agencies.