Saga’s rebrand strives for quality in the eyes of ‘generation experience’

SomeOne created a new visual and verbal identity for the over-50s brand that deals with insurance and travel

Saga serves customers over 50 years old across insurance, finance, holidays and cruises. However, the brand’s own survey revealed that the majority of people in this age range find their age defines how they’re represented, and value brands that emphasise the idea of experience rather than age.

Off the back of this insight, SomeOne overhauled Saga’s visual and verbal identity geared towards ‘generation experience’, which is no mean feat given you could argue the over-50s category is just as varied as the under-50s. The agency found a unifying theme among Saga’s broad customer base to be the idea of quality and care, which it has aimed to weave into the new identity.

The new wordmark is derived from Saga’s existing offering. “We visited Saga’s very first hotel, and found inspiration for the new signifier and wordmark in the ornamental design of the railings,” explains SomeOne senior designer Ian Dawson. “The arcs and shapes from the ironwork led us to develop a new bespoke wordmark with curved crossbars on the letter ‘A’s, plus a new signifier symbol. The new symbol is used sparingly in applications – designed to offer moments of reassurance rather than lead the branding.”

The agency enlisted London-based marbling specialist Lucy McGrath to create new prints for the visual identity, steering it more towards a luxury setting. During research, the marbling approach was seen by Saga customers as “a compelling way of connecting the brand offers with the enduring value, quality, and high levels of service delivered by Saga,” says Dawson. The marbling is achieved by combing patterns into coloured inks, which are added to the surface of water containing seaweed, ensuring the inks float.

“Our new work aims to change the way people think about age by showing a more positive side of getting older, alongside a progressive new communications campaign from VCCP called Experience is Everything, celebrating the ‘generation experience’ audience, who bring a wealth of life experience into society,” says SomeOne founder Simon Manchipp, adding that “the over 50s are the fastest growing demographic in the UK, and one that holds the most spending power comparatively”.

“We know our customers do not feel old – they feel as if they are experienced. They have lived full lives, have so much to give and fully intend to make the most of each and every day,” says Euan Sutherland, CEO of Saga Group.

This is a misconception that has perpetually beleaguered the creative industries and the businesses they serve – an issue we examined at the end of last year – and Sutherland agrees “it’s time for businesses and organisations of all sizes to have a conversation about age”.