How much do you earn?

Every single person at How&How knows what their colleagues are being paid, from the most junior designer to the studio’s owners. The branding studio’s co-founder Cat How discusses the pros and cons of total salary transparency

Do you know how much your boss is paid? What about the person that sits next to you? The CEO? If you’re a creative employed by How&How, the whole studio knows, to a digit, what everyone else is paid. “We’ve got a spreadsheet and it’s all on there, so everyone can see,” says co-founder Cat How.

How set up the branding and digital design agency with her husband Rog How in 2020, with a commitment to keeping salaries totally transparent from the get go. She says she’s bewildered that people regularly find themselves in situations where they’re applying for jobs with no clear idea of how much they might get paid, or with only a vague suggestion, gleaned via sleuthing on Glassdoor.

“I find it bonkers to think you can have two or three interviews, when you’ve wasted so much time and still don’t know what you might be paid,” she says. “At that point, you’re almost so far in that maybe you’ll accept what you’ve been given. Why would you give it up after you’ve spent all this time and work revising for those interviews?”