Samaritans, Dots press and poster ad

This is the latest Samaritans ad from Lunar BBDO and This is Real Art in a campaign designed to recruit volunteers for the charity

Each of the ads uses a different graphic representation of sound to create images of people in distress: Dots being based on a screen display that the creatives saw at production facility Wave Studio when they were making a radio ad. All the Samaritans ads carry the same challenging copyline: Could you listen to this?

Copywriter: Ben Kay.  
Art directors: Daryl Corps, Paul Belford.
Illustrators: Chris Perry, Paul Belford


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The Somnambulists

Princess Tolstoya, 1800-1873
Edinburgh-based photographer Joanna Kane’s latest book, The Somnambulists, is a series of rather unconventional portraits. While at first glance the images appear to be intimate studies of various sleeping figures they are, in fact, recent photographs of life and death masks that are between 150 and 200 years old.

Art books

It was probably an early Kurt Schwitters catalogue cover that started it for me

Gap’s Sound of Color

Ryan Ebner’s film for Marié Digby’s track Paint Me In Your Sunshine, based on the colour yellow
What is the relationship between sound and colour? It’s a question pondered by psychologists and artists over the centuries, and now, finally, Gap clothing has also entered the debate with their latest project, The Sound of Color.
A branded content campaign which aims to launch Gap’s brightly-coloured Spring 2008 collection through non-traditional means, the Sound of Color saw the clothing company, in conjunction with San Francisco-based production company Rehab, approach five bands and ask them to write a song based on a specific colour. The Blakes, a Seattle-based Indie band, took blue; Dntel, a member of the band The Postal Service, took on red; hip-hop artist/producer Swizz Beats was given green, singer/songwriter Marié Digby yellow, and The Raveonettes opted for black and white.
Once the songs were complete, they were then given to five directors who were asked to create videos to accompany them. While they were requested to reflect the colour associated with each track in their films, the directors were otherwise given a free rein to create the films however they liked, without consultation with the musicians.

MadeThought: Established & Sons

MadeThought has been working with Established & Sons, the furniture design and manufacturing company that specialises in contemporary British design, since creating the company’s identity in 2005

Senior Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency

Head of Digital Content

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