Samsung launches all-singing, all-dancing brand film

The epic new spot, created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, strikes a new tone for the phone brand, mixing quirky scenes with a heavy musical theatre vibe

Samsung has channelled Andrew Lloyd Webber for its latest commercial, with the new ad featuring a manifesto of sorts on what you can get from your phone via the medium of song and dance.

The ad is soundtracked by a song titled I’m Open to That, and contains an array of kooky visuals, from a man stepping out of a bear suit to a kitten puking rainbows, to illustrate the often bizarre worlds that are contained in our mobiles.

The spot takes a leaf out of the Apple advertising playbook, featuring plenty of product placement throughout, in charming fashion. Whereas Apple tends to focus on one aspect of its phones at a time though – most typically its cameras – Samsung’s ad goes all in on covering what its products offer us, referencing everything from podcasts to privacy along the way.

The result is an ad that is certainly more out-there and fun than Samsung’s previous advertising offerings, though anyone who struggles to enjoy musical theatre, beware.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
ECDs: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath
Creative Directors: Zeynep Orbay, Mohamed Diaa
Art Director: Sandra Nicolas
Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Alaska