Samsung: Micro Miracles campaign

Entrant: ManVsMachine; Category: Craft & Technical Innovation

Samsung Micro Machines

This campaign for Samsung celebrates semiconductors: the nanoscopic, unsung heroes of technological progress. The task was to create a series of dioramas depicting different uses of semiconductors. They were to range from the ordinary to the extraordinary, but all needed to be physically produced in incredible, super-miniature detail.

The result is a live-action film celebrating Samsung’s pioneering role in semiconductor manufacturing. It features 3D-printed models on a nanoscopic scale, which were captured using a one-of-a-kind scanning electron microscope (SEM).

Together with microfabrication pioneers Nanoscribe, ManvsMachine used a cutting-edge 2GL 3D printing technique based on Two-Photon Polymerisation to fabricate a series of microscopic sculptures depicting various applications of semiconductors.

From everyday moments like making a video call or playing a video game, to life-saving inventions and space exploration, every microscopic model celebrates a different and incredible technology that wouldn’t be possible without the ‘micro-miracles’ that are semiconductors.

The models were so small they could not be captured with a traditional film camera. So ManvsMachine enlisted the help of scientific photographer Stefan Diller, who used his pioneering Nanoflight system to painstakingly recreate the dynamic camera moves from the animatic, frame-by-frame, at a nanoscopic level. This gave the microscopic world a sense of cinematic style that has never been seen before in commercial filmmaking.

Agencies: BMB, Chiel Worldwide
Direction, Design, Animation: ManvsMachine
Production Company: Cylndr
Director of Photography: Tim Green
Production Design: Simon Davis
Edit & Post-Production: ManvsMachine
Colourist: George Kyriacou, Black Kite
Model Fabricators: Nanoscribe
SEM Operator: Stefan Diller, Nanoflight
Music Composition: Wake the Town