GBH.London: Samuels & Associates website design

Honourable Mention: Digital, Websites

Samuels & Associates is a Boston-based property developer known for its placemaking projects that transform neighbourhoods. The company’s primary focus is the Fenway, an area once known only for the Red Sox and abandoned industry. It’s now Boston’s hub of tech, culture, and entertainment.

In creating its website, GBH.London was briefed to reflect the company’s ethos as a personable and opinionated player in an often faceless sector. The site’s design champions bold colours and type. Its direct tone of voice is intended to feel characteristically Bostonian. It highlights people and culture, with portraits of everyday Fenway heroes. The homepage focuses on neighbourhood events, with diverse content that changes on each page refresh.

Design: GBH.London
Creative Directors: Peter Hale, Jason Gregory, Mark Bonner
Digital Design Director: Liam Hine
Designer: Sam Smith
Copywriter: Flora King
Project Manager: Gracie Lake
Web Developer: Benedict de Silva
Photographer: Mike Diskin