Sarah Boris on the joy of being your own boss

Graphic designer and artist Sarah Boris has always charted her own course through the creative industries, from starting out in-house rather than at a studio, to setting up her own practice in 2015. She discusses what she’s learned along the way

Having started out in design in the mid-noughties, by 2015 Sarah Boris had carved out what many creatives would consider to be a dream career. After studying design and typography in Paris and doing a graphic design master’s at the London College of Communication, she landed her first job working for the in-house design team at the Barbican in London – “a dream come true in combining my love of art and design”, she tells CR. After two and a half years at the cultural institution, she joined the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, where she spent five years immersing herself in the brand and redesigned its visual identity, followed by another two-year stint at publisher Phaidon.

From the outside looking in, Boris’ decision to leave Phaidon in 2015 and swap in-house life for the uncertainty of running her own practice might be surprising. But for the designer, it felt like the perfect time to embrace the change that comes with quitting a full-time job. “One of the main reasons for setting up my studio was to dedicate more time to my art practice while still taking on design commissions,” she says.

Top and above: Love screenprint by Sarah Boris. Image: Romain Bernard