Schweppes Short Film Festival

Still from Consequence, directed by Noah Marshall. Click through to main story to see full film
CR has stumbled upon this rather fine selection of short films a little late but thought we’d put them up on the blog in case you’d missed them too. Created by New Zealand agency Publicis Mojo for Schweppes towards the end of last year, the films are part of a new campaign to reposition Schweppes as a soft drink for adults.
Perhaps with the success of the branded content BMW films in mind, the agency devised the concept of a Schweppes Short Film Festival, with five directors from The Sweet Shop asked to create films aimed at ‘a mature audience’. The resulting shorts are a mixture of the darkly comic and the provocative, and are shot in a variety of styles from noir to horror to retro. Unusually, Publicis Mojo and The Sweet Shop were given a free rein in terms of creative content by Schweppes, as long as each film contains a ‘Schhh Moment’. Consequently all the shorts make reference to Schweppes at some point, however this product placement is thankfully subtle and clever.