Sci-fi classics in 3D

Vintage has republished a series of five science fiction classics, and what’s more they’re in 3D, with specs included. Read on to find out how you can win a complete set…

We’ve chosen our winner and added some of our favourite reader suggestions to the bottom of this blogpost. Read on to find out if your suggestion made the cut.

Vintage has republished a series of five science fiction classics, including titles by HP Lovecraft and Jules Verne, and what’s more they’re in 3D, with specs included in each copy so you can see the illustrated covers in all their glory. (Read on to find out how you can win a complete set.)

To make the covers, creative director Suzanne Dean and the Random House design team worked with four different illustrators. Jim Tierney created illustrations for both Jules Verne covers (shown above), and Sara Ogilvie and Mick Brownfield contributed artwork for The Lost World and Planet of the Apes respectively (shown below).

Vladimir Zimakov created the cover for The Call of Cthulhu, the last book in the series.

If you’ve got a spare pair of 3D glasses nearby, you can see the effect for yourself on the pictures above.

Competition winner

Thanks to everyone for sending us your favourite images, we were reminded of a few science fiction classics we’d forgotten about. Honourable mention should go to the following submissions:

However there can be only one winner, and the set of books will be going to Chris Anderson, for his submission of John Wyndham’s The Outward Urge.

Please email to collect your prize.

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