Why we need to stop screen shaming

A new report by We Are Pi and Human.dev shows how good screens can be for children’s development. Here, two of the contributors to the report explain why it may finally be time for everyone to be less hung up about ‘screen time’

Do you worry about how much time you spend on screens? If you’re a human in the 21st century then the answer is inevitably yes. If you’re a parent, then your situation is most likely even worse. You’re not only concerned that you have become an irredeemable screen junkie, but that you’ve given your kids a lifelong habit too.

Well, we’re here to give you permission to stop worrying about it. In fact, we’re here to tell you that the way in which we all worry about it is unhelpful and counterproductive.

We (We Are Pi and Human.dev) recently published a new piece of research that digs into parenting in the digital age; and one of our biggest findings is that there’s some deeply unhelpful myths surrounding screen time.