Installation based on coral reefs by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol on scaling new heights

Media artist Refik Anadol has displayed his mammoth AI-generated pieces on some of the world’s most famous buildings and has work in MoMA New York’s permanent collection. He talks to us about his latest exhibition in London and navigating the endless debates about his work

Designing reverent spaces in a tech driven future

Our reliance on personal tech means an increasingly irreverent, digital public life. But how can technology help aid us to design reverent spaces for meditation and remembrance? Jonathan Cohen, director of technology at experience design studio G&A, offers some ideas

Behind the scenes at Aviva Studios

Already being touted as Manchester’s answer to Tate Modern, this dynamic cultural venue will focus on original and unexpected new work. We talk to artistic director and CEO John E McGrath about his plans for the space

Barbie movie Warner Bros

Building Barbie’s world

As Greta Gerwig’s much-hyped Barbie movie finally arrives, we speak to the behind-the-scenes creative team about how they created a world rooted in “authentic artificiality”