Es Devlin: 20 years of “tidying up”

In a live Q&A with artist Jeremy Deller, Es Devlin revealed that her entire career creating spectacular areas shows for bands was informed by a desire to clean up all the mess on stage she witnessed at her first gig, and why the lowest bridge in Hamburg has been a key influence on her work

The architecture of affection

The exhibition Making Wellbeing: from birth to death highlights work by architects and designers that creates richer kinds of social engagement possibilities. The architecture of affection is about drawing on the power that comes from the design of materials, people and spaces

Have you seen our building?

Huge depots and distribution centres are an inevitable part of our non-stop consumer culture, but one way of lessening their impact on the landscape is to make them look more like it. Hence the new breed of superstructures trying very hard to disappear

London Underground Architecture & Design Map

Following its design guides to the Brutalist and modernist treasures of several cities, Blue Crow Media’s latest range of maps looks at some of the world’s most famous public transportation systems – starting with the London Underground

Welcome to Vitra world

Its home features a ‘collage’ of buildings from some of the world’s great architects and hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, while its Chairman Emeritus talks of a mission to use design to change the world for the better: at Swiss furniture company Vitra, ‘brand purpose’ is not just glib marketing speak. Patrick Burgoyne visits the Vitra Campus in Weil Am Rhein and talks to Chief Design Officer Eckart Maise about its creative process and the company’s longstanding marriage of culture and commerce