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How I Got Here: Penny Martin

The editor in chief of The Gentlewoman talks to CR about shifting from a career in curating and academia to magazines, by way of seminal fashion website SHOWstudio. Plus tips on making a mag in the digital age

Beano: 80 years of rebel creativity

Somerset House’s new exhibition explores the comic’s lasting, subversive influence, finding links between its gleeful rule-breaking and the work of contemporary artists and creatives

Inside the French Dispatch

Wes Anderson’s star-studded film follows the dramas that unravel in a fictional French city, told from the perspective of expat journalists. We look at how graphic design and illustration brought the movie to life

How I Work: Max Siedentopf

The artist, photographer, designer and director talks to CR about working at speed, the joy of not being confined by one discipline, how he balances the commercial with the personal, and why his spirit animal is a cross between a chameleon and a dung beetle


Milton Keynes