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We Made Sony’s Play-Doh Bunnies Bounce

Fallon’s latest blockbuster commercial for the Sony Bravia Colour Like No Other campaign airs tomorrow. Directed by Frank Budgen, Play-Doh features brightly-coloured model rabbits hopping about the streets of New York. Read on to find out how it was done.

Changing Times

The New York Times Magazine is revered by art directors and readers alike. Janet Froelich, its creative director, has been the driving force behind its continued ascendance.

Tony Wilson Remembered

Peter Saville went on BBC2’s Newsnight last Friday, along with writer Paul Morley and, bizarrely, presenter Richard Madeley, to discuss the legacy of Tony Wilson

The Designer As Editor

Wallpaper* creative director Tony Chambers has just been made the magazine’s editor-in-chief. Jeremy Leslie asks him about this unprecedented switch of roles and his future plans for the titl­e

How Ford Made Cars Float Across London

Still from the new Ford Mondeo spot, Desire, which aired for the first time last night. If you missed it, click here to watch it
In Desire, Bikini Films’ latest spot for Ford (which screened for the first time during the Champions League final last night), a host of superfluous old cars are lifted heaven-ward by bunches of colourful baloons. We find out how the ad was made as SFX supervisor Mark Mason of Asylum describes his role on the commercial…

Sweetly surreal

TBWAChiatDay is gaining a reputation for producing seriously strange, but seriously funny, ads for sweetie brands Starburst and Skittles. The latest from the agency is featured in the May issue of Creative Review (and can be viewed above on YouTube), and sees a bizarre singing stranger approach two guys in a bus station after hearing that they are partaking in the new flavour Starburst sweets, Berries & Cream.

This Year’s D&AD Score: Advertising 47 Graphics 7

It looks like being another year in which graphic design will be totally overshadowed by advertising at the D&AD Awards. The nominations, announced today, include just 11 in the Graphic Design category, and four of those are actually for ads – the Peeterman Artois campaign from Lowe London.

Come in Magazines, Your Time is Up!

A new book suggests the digital revolution will leave esoteric magazines unscathed but force mainstream titles to adapt to new media

The Mean Streets of Camberwick Green

The return of Life on Mars, the BBC1 series in which a detective wakes up to find himself back in the 70s, is being trailed with a nice campaign from Red Bee Media.

Airside put the joy in soy

Q: How do you make a fruit-flavoured, chewy bar – primarily made out of soya – appealing?A: Get Airside to make a groovy advert…

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