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Lost And Found Film & Oliver Jeffers Prints

Finished just in time for a Channel 4 screening at 2.30pm on Christmas Eve (and again on Boxing day at 4.30pm), Lost and Found is a 25 minute animated film adaptation of Oliver Jeffers childrens book of the same name. The film, a co-production between Studio AKA and Contender Entertainment Group, has been adapted and directed by Studio AKA’s Philip Hunt, with narration provided by Jim Broadbent and original usic by Max Richter…

CR January Issue

CR’s January issue is out on 17 December. Go here to find out all about how our cover artwork was made in Brazil, read on for details of this month’s magazine

Falling trends

Financial crisis, global economic melt­down, the world on the edge – the rather large hiccup in the world’s money markets recently provided headline writers with some pretty meaty material

Very Elle, Very Cool

Non-Format give French bi-annual fashion magazine Very Elle a bold new look

GB’s Grand Prix at Epica

Three out of the four Grand Prix awarded at this year’s Epica went to advertising work from the UK. The Epica D’Or winning projects included DDB London’s Dog spot for the VW Polo in film, Lowe London’s Shadows campaign for John Lewis in outdoor, and DDB London’s LoveHate campaign for Marmite Snacks in the press category. Absolut Machines from Great Works in Sweden won the top prize in the interactive section.


“Seeing things exploding isn’t particularly rare,” says founder of Kilimanjaro magazine Olu Odukoya, “but seeing a teddy bear exploding evokes an emotional response.” Indeed.

The President: MK Bruce Lee magazine

Here at CR we’re longstanding fans of Peet Pienaar’s Afromag – a wonder­­fully eclectic, loosely bound collection of stickers, posters and graphic ephemera that gives a fresh take on what a magazine could be

“That’s no moon. It’s a space station.”

Can we take Obi-Wan’s word on this one? Sadly not, as it seems that Star Wars fan Michael Horn is in fact behind the short film, Death Star Over San Francisco, which he created for Imperial Fleet Week (we’re not sure either) in San Francisco. According to Horn, who is interviewed on the official blog, “I shot everything on my junkie DV camera, did motion-tracking and comping in After Effects, and basic sound design in Final Cut.” (Thanks to Coudal’s blog for the original link).

CR Blog Email Updates

We’ve added some new functionality to the site, so that you can receive weekly email updates featuring the very best from the blog. To sign up to receive the new CR blog newsletter, simply enter your email address in the box on the right.

Get Your War On: Animated Version

If you’re unfamilar with David Rees’ hilarious comic strip, Get Your War On, then check out his vast archive of biting Clip Art satires that lay into, among other things, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, Dubbya, McCain, Obamania et al. Now there’s an animated version – set to appear on each week. If this taster is anything to go by, the trademark simplicity and tone of Rees’ ilustrations has been maintained while the dialogue is as razor sharp as in his original three-frame strips. Thanks to Coudal’s blog for the link.

Monkey Returns for the Olympics on the BBC

With animation from Jamie Hewlett and music by Damon Albarn, BBC Sport’s new campaign for their Olympics coverage is based upon the traditional Chinese folklore tale, Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en – probably more familiar to UK viewers through its TV incarnation, Monkey Magic!, itself an English language version of the 1970s Japanese show, Saiyūki. In the BBC’s trailer, Monkey and the inimatable Pigsy make their way on a Journey to the East, ultimately to the bird’s nest-like National Stadium in Beijing.

Underworld: Book of Jam

The Book of Jam is a down-loadable monthly PDF magazine of photo­graphy, writing and illustrations produced by Karl Hyde, Rick Smith and John Warwicker that is avail­able to members of underworldlive­.com