Product Design

Revolutionising textiles with ecology

London-based designer and researcher Natsai Audrey Chieza has spent the best part of a decade evolving the use of natural systems in textile design and production. She talks to Megan Williams about her practice and why it’s still an uphill battle to engage with the fashion industry

Waste not, want not

Recycling has become standard in the West, yet we often overlook where our waste ends up. Much lands in Africa, where artists are among those addressing the problem. Here, Leonie Annor-Owiredu speaks to Burkina Faso-based artist Hamed Ouattara about how he hopes his art will lead to wider change

The Slow Grind

Georgina Johnson’s first book, The Slow Grind: Finding Our Way Back to Creative Balance, addresses how our narrow definition of sustainability has created more inequality. Rebecca Fulleylove talks to the multi-disciplinary artist about what needs to change

Can creativity build a better post-Covid city?

The pandemic has prompted cities around the world to reconsider everything from parks and public transport to the way high streets work. Emma Tucker explores why good design is the way forward for greener, more sustainable spaces that keep us all happy and healthy

How to brand a sustainable business

Previously, sustainable branding found itself firmly stuck in the eco-cliché trap, conjuring up images of green rolling hills, earthy tones, and the obligatory leaf motif. But this is changing, writes Aimée McLaughlin

How to start your own business

Setting up shop can be a daunting prospect even for the most experienced creatives. Here, Ollie Olanipekun of Superimpose – and new venture Futurimpose – and ISSTUDIO co-founders Imogen Snell and Riccardo Castano discuss making your business idea a reality


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