Product Design

How We Got Here: Willo Perron & Brian Roettinger

As partners at Willo Perron & Associates, designer Brian Roettinger and creative director Willo Perron have worked on creative projects with some of the world’s biggest brands and musicians. We talk to the pair about their process 

Who’s Zoomin’ who?

As we grow used to a world of Zoom calls and distanced collaboration, Patrick Burgoyne speculates on what longer-term changes may arise from the lockdown

The losses and gains of WFH

As lockdown begins to slowly lift, companies are considering how our working life will adapt. Here, James Britton, group managing director at Stink Studios in London, examines how our enforced WFH period may create permanent change, and what might be lost along the way

Designing for a transport future

Recent rebrands from VW, BMW, Nissan and Uber have at times proved controversial, but they reflect the flexibility required by a transport sector that’s in serious flux, says Wolff Olins’ Forest Young


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