Product Design

Why pet food is having a design moment

In the past decade the pet food market has transformed: traditional kibble is out in the cold and a new breed of innovative, design-friendly brands represent our evolving relationship with our furry friends

Launch campaign for Lauren Bowker's studio The Unseen

The unseen future of beauty

Lauren Bowker has been pushing the boundaries of materials for almost two decades, surprising and delighting audiences as she goes. Now, she’s turning her attention to the notoriously slow-moving beauty industry with her first direct-to-consumer brand

In search of an ending

Should brands be considering what happens at the end of a product’s life as much as its beginning? Designer Joe Macleod thinks so

The Fabricant Zeeuws Museum

Shopping’s digital future

There’s a new wave of creative technologies set to change the face of ecommerce – from livestream shopping, to virtual stores, to digital-only fashion houses. We examine how human connection is at the heart of all of them