Product Design

The D&AD Annual goes digital

D&AD has launched its first digital-only Annual – a showcase of all the winning work from its 2020 awards. The website is free to view and will prove an invaluable resource for those in the design and ad industries

Reshaping the face of tech with Catty Taylor

Through her inclusive tech collective Digi-Gxl and the Institute of Digital Fashion — a URL × IRL initiative shaking up the fashion industry — artist Catty Taylor is pushing the social and cultural boundaries of technology

Why Japan is the home of good design

A new book from Thames & Hudson explores how the uniquely Japanese take on design produced a wave of post-war design classics – including icons such as the Kikkoman sauce bottle and the butterfly stool

Why brands should embrace second hand

Richard Hurren, vice president of European retail at Levi’s, discusses the brand’s new concept store, which focuses heavily on recycled and repaired goods, and explains why companies should be making more sustainable decisions around their products


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