Product Design

Superfly by B&B studio

This project was selected in the Design – Packaging category of The Annual 2018, CR’s award scheme that celebrates the best in commercial creativity

The Autonomous Broadcast Network by R/GA

With two unmanned cameras and sensors in both the ball and players’ shoes, The Autonomous Broadcast Network makes professional-level sports broadcasting and data available to all basketball teams, whatever their level. This project is Best in Book – Craft & technical innovation in The Annual 2018

Milan Design Week – a snapshot

Fortified by Campari and coffee, Manchester School of Art’s Joe McCullagh and Fabrizio Cocchiarella combat design fatigue in search of entertainment, inspiration and insight at this year’s Milan Design Week

Dominic Wilcox on his whimsical inventions

Dominic Wilcox takes everyday objects and actions into the realm of the unusual, with results as varied as a Stained Glass Car to an art exhibition for dogs. He’s now helping kids to realise their own inventive ideas