My Career Journey: Calmatic

The LA-based director behind music videos for Pharrell, Lizzo and Lil Nas X reflects on his journey from afterschool computer club to Grammy-winning director

How creativity could take us into space

Advances in science and technology mean space travel and tourism could become as normal as hopping on a flight. But what role does design and creativity play in transforming humans into a space-faring, multi-planetary civilisation?

The evolution of advertising in the home

Technology and the internet of things will embed advertising even further into our homes, via ever-evolving products. While this may sound unnerving, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing, says Neil Cooper at Rehab

In praise of hybrid creativity

We may have talked about the benefits of the creative polymath for centuries, yet most agencies keep their talent frustratingly siloed, says Wayne Deakin, ECD, EMEA at Huge. And it’s to the detriment of what brands need today

Where does virtual clubbing go from here?

Digital experiences exploded throughout the global pandemic. As physical events are reintroduced in many countries, we talk to the people behind virtual nightclub Club Qu about drawing inspiration from gaming and why digital events won’t disappear


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