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Why brands need to embrace loss

Brands need to frame the changes required for a sustainable future in positive terms, in order to bring everyone from audiences to CEOs with them, says Alex Bee of creative agency Space Doctors

The advantages of a DIY mindset

Following his recent talk at Offf Festival in Barcelona, Dice’s ECD Patrick Duffy shares how throwing himself into creative opportunities has allowed him to build an eclectic but always interesting career

Why accessible gaming is about more than games

We hear from RNIB’s Lorna Forbes and gaming critic and consultant Laura Dale about how the industry is rethinking its approach to making games playable for everyone, and why communication is key – even if it means admitting failures

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What happened to NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens experienced a gold rush a couple of years ago, before mainstream interest waned and the market went into decline. Artist Robert Alice, who has edited an extensive new book on NFTs, talks to us about one of the most elusive, and divisive, web3 developments

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Mapping out the future

From NASA apps to city planning, Sam Hashemi has a track record of transforming dated systems and esoteric processes with design. His latest target is map-making, which he’s bringing into the modern age with a collaborative tool called Felt

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Laughing with AI

AI is addictive fun for creatives, but without having a seat in the boardroom of its development they risk being exploited by it. Here’s why we need to start reading the T&Cs, says Food co-founder Iain Tait