An image of Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions from the USSR

A voyage into Soviet-era space graphics

Moscow Design Museum founder Alexandra Sankova explains why graphic design magazines were so prevalent in the Soviet era, and takes us through the history of USSR space art – which goes back much further than the space race

RNA rape kit

Redesigning the future of sexual assault responses

Designer and academic Antya Waegemann has been developing a redesigned rape kit to help improve experiences in the aftermath of a sexual assault. She talks to us about her work and why good design is an essential component in helping victims seek justice

Art of Feedback Tanya Livesey

Tanya Livesey on the art of feedback

Giving or receiving feedback can be a daunting prospect. Yet it is vital for creating a working environment that is respectful, confident and productive. Here, leadership coach Tanya Livesey offers some tips and advice on the best way to approach it

Is this the real life? Is this just VFX?

As technology offers the chance to change people’s ages, transform black-and-white footage into colour, and bring actors back from the dead, we explore how this is shaping our perception of history and what it means for actors’ futures

The Truth & Lies issue: February/March 2020

Featuring three specially designed covers by Jimmy Turrell, the latest issue of CR takes a look at how truth and lies are influencing our lives and the creative work that we make, from storytelling in the post-truth era to fact-checking in the age of fake news

Gender bias, AI and the politics of the voice

With growing concerns around female-voiced digital assistants, experimental musician Holly Herndon and Emil Asmussen, co-creator of genderless voice Q, talk to us about the importance of paving the way for new voices, figuratively and literally speaking


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