Designing the digital self

With VR experiences still in their infancy, navigating the disconnect between the real and virtual body still poses creative challenges. As part of our Body week on CR, we met with Framestore Creative Director Gavin Fox to discuss what it takes to cross the uncanny valley

Ben Kay on AI and creativity

This month, our advertising correspondent reflects on how AI may infiltrate the creative department, and why, instead of fearing it, we should see it as a spur to reinvent the industry

Where do your ideas come from?

In the first of a new series of articles for CR, Perry Nightingale, Executive Creative Technologist at Grey London, gives an answer to one of the trickiest questions asked of creatives

What it was like to give a demo to Steve Jobs

Ken Kocienda’s new book Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process offers a deep dive into his life as a software engineer at the company. In this extract, Kocienda describes giving a demo of his iPhone keyboard design to Steve Jobs


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